Facial & Jowel Liposuction

Although many people find the thought a bit daunting, the face is actually a great canvas for liposuction alterations. Facial liposuction can take away some of the damaging effect which time has wrought and actually change some inherited traits as well. Facial liposuction works especially well on the cheeks and chin, but it is especially effective when used on the jowls, usually the first area to show dramatic aging. In fact, the younger a patient is when he or she chooses to have jowl liposuction, the more elastic their skin will be, greatly enhancing the results.

To define the line along the jaw, a plastic surgeon will use a tiny hollow suctioning device, about three millimeters around, to take out unnecessary fat cells. Because of the size of this instrument, the doctor can work on the jowls without hurting the rest of the face in any way. This ability to precisely target delicate areas results in less pain for the patient and an easier recovery after the surgery is completed.

Jowl liposuction takes about an hour and can be done without using general anesthesia. Instead, a local numbing medication is injected to prevent the patient from feeling pain. To provide an opening for the vacuuming instrument, the doctor must make a tiny cut beside each earlobe and underneath the chin. Then, he extracts even amounts of fat from each side of the jaw line and closes the cuts with a stitch or two.

Unlike the extended recovery period necessary after a face lift, recovery from jowl liposuction takes about three or four days. Bruising and swelling do occur, but they disappear rapidly because surrounding tissues are rarely damaged. The total effect of jowl liposuction will become evident in two to three months after the procedure

The price of a jowl liposuction procedure is based on the doctor’s reputation and the city in which he or she is located, but most procedures are between £1500 and £3000. Some doctors will provide a financing plan to help patients stretch these costs over a longer period of time.