Laser Liposuction Costs

Laser liposuction is one of the newest advancements in this type of cosmetic surgery. When the surgeon uses a laser to assist in the fat cell removal process, less bleeding is likely to occur. The thermal heat provided by the laser effectively seals off blood vessels as the surgeon melts the fatty deposits and uses the vacuum to suck away liquefied fat cells. Doctors are sometimes able to remove as much as eight pounds of fat during a laser liposuction procedure.

Laser liposuction sometimes allows a patient to return to work within days so lost wages are not an issue. The cost is also significantly reduced because a local anesthetic may be used rather than more costly general anesthesia. Laser liposuction is usually performed at a doctor’s office or clinic which also saves money that would be required if a hospital stay were necessary.

Just as with other types of liposuction, the costs of laser liposuction differ from one clinic and doctor to another. Some laser liposuction procedures can be done in just a few minutes, whereas others require more time and precision. The widely ranging prices reflect the time and intensity required for each process. Prices may be anywhere from £2000 to more than £3500, depending on the number of areas being done. Generally, the price will be reduced when several areas are done during a single laser liposuction session.

Laser liposuction is almost always lower in price than traditional liposuction. The procedure for removing fat beneath the chin, for example, is just over £2000 in some areas. Laser Liposuction used on the arms and back may be a bit more expensive than this while having fatty deposits removed from the abdomen or breasts are the most expensive procedures. The average cost of laser liposuction procedures done by doctors in clinics in the United Kingdom is about £3500, but this number includes patients who had several different techniques performed at once.